Friday, November 11, 2016

Where to go from here?

Like many of  you who might find your way here, I am still stunned by what a small percentage of hate-filled Americans elected to the presidency of this great country a few days ago. There is much to fear from the coming years, for many segments of our society, for many of our friends, relatives and neighbors. For ourselves.

For those of us who believe in and follow the wisdom of our great teacher, the Buddha, I hear the Buddha's teaching that hate is never healed by hate, but only through love. We all know this to be true. We see it clearly in our own lives.  I took a long walk early this morning, through quiet neighborhoods and alongside wetlands teeming with birds and hidden wildlife, and allowed my mind to look at these questions and truths, but finding few answers other than to do what I've been taught these dozen years: Stay in the present, accept the reality, don't get lost in fear or hatred or anger. Fight back against the evil, peacefully and with love for all.

During that walk words of the great Ajahn Chah also came to mind: Give  up clinging to love and hate, just rest with things as they are.  We all know this -- now is the time to put it into serious practice.

I have few words. My mind is still reeling. But I offer the words of others who are much more learned, much wiser than I. First, I offer the words of the venerable Bikkhuni Ayya Tathaloka which can be read here. I can't find a link that takes you to the actual article, so you will need to scroll down the list of topics to Nov 10, entitled: The election, the Dhamma, & our hearts and path.

And from another excellent monastic, the venerable Bikkhu Bodhi, here.

May we all be safe, may we all heal, may love conquer hate.

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